Arab ban on Muslim Brotherhood death knell for CAIR?

Renews hope for Bachmann bill to outlaw movement and its spinoffs Bans on the radical Muslim Brotherhood abroad combined with a historically large GOP majority in Washington could provide the impetus to pass the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act introduced earlier this year by Rep. Michelle Bachmann, R-Minn., congressional sources Continue reading

Here’s why Somali Muslim Refugees are moving to Cheyenne, Wyoming

Posted by Pamela Geller Refugee resettlement is a euphemism for importing whole Muslim communities, importing jihad. I have long documented the targeting of gateway cities (smaller cities) overwhelmed with Muslim refugee immigration from countries like Somalia — cities like Emporia, Kansas, Nashville, Greeley and Fort Morgan, Colorado, Lewiston, Maine et Continue reading

9 Bills The Republicans Should Pass Immediately To Resurrect America From Obama Socialism

by Rick Wells Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro has a simple response to the narrative which the Obama regime has already trotted out and will undoubtedly be promoting in the upcoming two years which remain of the Obama nightmare, that of labeling Republicans as the party of “No.” He believes the Republicans Continue reading

Unbelievable Obama “Coincidences” Prove He’s a Fabrication, An Evil Creation On a Mission

Posted on 3 October, 2014 by Rick Wells Don Fredrick authored a book, “The Obama Timeline,” which contains a compilation of strange oddities surrounding the created identity that is Barack Hussein Obama, an excerpt from which is featured below. It defies logic to think believe that all of these events Continue reading

The Top 10 Liberal Superstitions

The 2014 campaign brings a fresh focus on candidates with fervently held, evidence-free beliefs. By Kate Bachelder Oct. 30, 2014 A hallmark of progressive politics is the ability to hold fervent beliefs, in defiance of evidence, that explain how the world works—and why liberal solutions must be adopted. Such political Continue reading